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Changing the World
I suspect that the best way to go about changing an unjust law, so long as adhering to the restrictions of that law doesn't cause you to become unjust yourself, is to be a good law-abiding citizen while explaining to anyone that will listen what's wrong with the law. The people who need to be convinced a law is bad, after all, are those who do not already believe this to be the case: you won't convince them of the error of their ways by breaking the law.
24 Sep 2005 by Chad Perrin

Take Me To Your Lizard
Somehow, no matter how many times I repeat it, nobody seems ready to accept the fact that voting for lizards only results in lizards winning elections.

Perhaps I've jumped in at the middle. Let's rewind to the beginning, with an excerpt from the writings of the late, great Douglas Adams, author of the celebrated Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and its sequels:
    "I come in peace," it said, adding after a long moment of further grinding, "take me to your Lizard."
20 Sep 2005 by Chad Perrin

The Future of IT
In the here and now, the domestic US information technology industry is in trouble. Sales aren't as brisk as they once were, and the employment market is in the toilet. There are moments of optimism here and there, but when you turn back around you always find a dozen IT industry professionals out of work and wondering where the industry went.
19 Jul 2005 by Chad Perrin

Good News, Bad News, Weird News
The top story for today at @political is a very small story for the world at large: The tiny little funding drive held to save it from financial ruin was a success. Other news might be more interesting to the readers, though, so here it is.
09 Jul 2005 by Chad Perrin

Editor's Note: Bad News
@political is in trouble, and it's my fault.
04 Jul 2005 by Chad Perrin

An American's Independence Day
Celebrate your independence today.

Don't celebrate the independence of a nation. Instead, celebrate the independence of an individual. Celebrate the independence of an American, and make this an American's Independence Day.
04 Jul 2005 by Chad Perrin

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